~ New for MTB ~

With even less packaging, a new colour coded design and a bigger, better patch with every tube, Rubbers has your back more than ever.


THREE specific weights

Check your girth.  All Mountain/XC (AM) tubes at 0.9mm thick, Freeride (FR) at 1.2mm and Down Hill (DH) at 1.5mm  wall thickness. We’ve got you covered.

even less Packaging

Our label doubles as a patch kit, tire boot, or fire starter. It can also be used to get steak gristle out of your teeth but that’s kinda gross.

larger patch kit

Ready to handle the dreaded snake bite puncture or gnarly sidewall tear, our new patch kit/label will get you out of a jam and back on your bike in no time.


Quickly identify the tube for your riding style. Ideal for impulse buying and perfect for our self serve display boxes. Grab, go, ride. Simple.